A world of careers at your fingertips. A “customer focused” smartphone product. You will be able to search for courses that interest you, at highly esteemed institutions around the world. You can apply for a course, then track to the progress of your application, find out about banking, accommodation, insurance, visas and other important facts about studying in another country.

You can also be rewarded if you join our Business Partner Referral Program.

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Colleges / Universities and Other Education Institutions

Your esteemed establishment can be seen by thousands around the globe. We have recognised that students these days are more likely to search and view courses on their devices. Whilst Agents play an important part in the recruiting of international students, StudentwiZe can reach every country and enrol students promptly. If you are interested in showcasing your courses please complete the online form below and submit and one of our consultants will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We can get you on studentwiZe within a few hours.


StudentwiZe is committed to adding new features to the APP in the next few weeks / months. This is the beginning of an amazing tool that will make students and colleges life easier. We will streamline the process further, introduce amazing courses that are emerging in this new tech era etc. Our plans are strong and long term.


Search for course

Find relevant courses from Fields of Interest into the worlds leading colleges, institutions, universities

Apply for the Course

This System allows you to complete an application to the institute and send attachments from your smartphone!

Track the Application

You will have peace of mind knowing where your application has reached in the process. We update your pogress at every stage.

Receive Important Information about Living / Studying in another Country

Find out how to open a bank account whilst still in your country, health insurance. Let us help you with tips regarding part time work, cv preparation, interview tips, cheap flights etc..

Be Rewarded for referring students

Refer your friends who you know will want to study and we provide you real benefits.. iTunes / Ebay Vouchers etc…


Why travel when you can study from home?

Yes, you can earn an Australian or UK or US qualification online. We represent institutions who understand that not all students can afford to travel to another country or the fact that your employment does not allow you to travel or family commitment etc. You will be able to study at your own pace and also have a moderator that can help you keep your mind focused on achieving the qualifications. Look at our online courses on the APP.


Let Us Fly You To The Career Of Your Dreams